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I really like to draw, read, and - when I can - I write if I've the right idea...
<<...into the realty, Kenobi and Skywalker are only human, after all.>>
Revenge of the Sith
Matthew Stover
I’m so disappointed. Does anyone remember how Tumblr used to be? It was an escape. An escape from bullies, bitches, stress, hard times, family problems, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. What the fuck has it become? Just scrolling through my dashboard, I’ve seen at least 3 people being sent abuse and hate. Take a step back and think about who the fuck you are and what the fuck you are doing. That’s not what tumblr’s about. If you are against hate, then reblog this.







Telling someone they’re not good enough is not okay

Telling someone they’re not good enough is not okay

I don’t care if you’re joking. I don’t care if you think ‘It will push them to work harder.’ Because it isn’t a joke, and it will not always make someone want to work harder to prove you wrong.

Sometimes they accept it as a fact, then they live with a mindset of “Why try when I’m just going to fail?”

It’s not okay.


I remember acing my AP European History test and being ecstatic about it until I told my father and he shrugged it off like it was nothing. Then I felt terrible for feeling so proud of myself.

This sort of shit fucks people up man. Perfectionism is not something that can be obtained and it is a horrible, negative schema to get stuck in. No matter how well I did it was never good enough for my mom. “Go get involved! (when I was younger)” “Well now that you’re involved now I have to drive you places…” “Man Tae Kwon Do is getting pretty expensive” “Why would you quit? You quit everything! You’re a quitter.” “Omg why’d you get a B?” “Oh you got all As…eh.” Currently going through therapy to get over this mentality. 

"Everyone else can do this, why can’t you?" "You’re just being lazy, you need to work harder." "No, don’t give me excuses. You failed because you didn’t care enough." "You let yourself fail. You should have seen your partner’s behavior and taken the work load all onto yourself. You let that happen and you let yourself fail." "College is so important and you have to go" ( "I mean, sometimes some people aren’t cut out to go to college." ) "I know you’re capable of more than a C, so why aren’t you doing better." "You’re not trying hard enough to get a job. People probably haven’t called you back because your hair is a strange color" (fyi, it was a sandy blonde). "Why can’t you just do things my way for once."

There’s more where that came from, but I think you get the point. The hilarious part is that my mom always asks “You should come talk to me if you have any problems, okay honey?” Yeah, okay. That’s exactly what I’m going to do after 20 some odd years of that.

THIS. tHIS. THis. This. THIS. this. this x infinity cause this shit is stupid and needs to be stopped and wow.

Can I tell you that I hated this the most in my life…? My parents always… Hm.

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when you get your period at school


Conceal don’t feel don’t let them know

Make one wrong move and then the blood will show

Let it flow, let it flow, can’t hold it back anymore

Let it flow, let it flow, just let me through the bathroom door

Character Designs from Beauty and the Beast by Andreas Deja


Roy Mustang + Faceless, requested by royyed

Visual Development from Beauty and the Beast by Mel Shaw


If Anakin hadn’t turned to the Dark Side, Vol. II



and you’ve got spiders in your head; a detective loki fanmix

and you’ve got miles and miles to go / before the falling of the snow / and i’ll be leaving soon / before the rising of the moon / and you can’t get out of bed / and you’ve got spiders in your head

i. colin stetson - fear of the unknown and the blazing sun
ii. salem - killer 
iii. thee oh sees - night crawler
iv. miracle - akira (ritual chant mix)
iv. fuck buttons - year of the dog


Prisoners (2013), dir. Denis Villeneuve